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Advent calendar for Christmas 2022: what is its meaning

If you have seen that in some homes, shops and offices they place a circular ornament made up of branches, candles and other elements that allude to this time, it is because they are preparing for the arrival of Jesus. It is known as an Advent Wreath. and it has a very interesting meaning for Catholics.

The word “advent” has its origin in the Latin “ad-venio” which means “to come” or “arrive”. In religion it eludes the days before the birth of the Child Jesus on December 25the beginning of the Liturgical New Year.

Believers prepare spiritually with Advent for this event four Sundays before Christmas, this is known as Advent calendar than at Christmas 2022 was as follows:

First Sunday – November 27
Second Sunday – December 4
Third Sunday – December 11
Fourth Sunday – December 18

Spiritual meaning of the Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath is mainly composed of green branches, 4 candles, apples or various fruits and a generally red ribbon, each element has a reason for being and a meaning.

circular shape of the crown: represents the eternal love of Jesus, that is, it has no beginning or end. The circle also shows that love for one’s neighbor should not end, according to the Catholic Information Agency ACI Prensa.

green branches: They are born from the pine that symbolizes immortality, according to priests, while all the trees lose their foliage in winter, the pine is the one that keeps its green and leafy branches. Also, the color green is associated with life and hope.

the 4 candles: tradition states that there should be 3 purple candles and one pink, the 4 as a whole represent the 4 Sundays of which the Advent Calendar is made up. The 3 purple ones are lit on the first, second and fourth Sunday, while the pink one is lit on the third Sunday.

The candles represent the divine light of God that accompanies us in pain and sadness; heat removes the cold from our hearts. It should be noted that there is no specific candle color, but purple is used because for the Church it is a symbol of conversion, repentance and penance.

Red apples: some fruits are placed in some crowns, these symbolize the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve brought sin into the world, but received the promise of redemption.

Red ribbon: The ribbon that surrounds the Advent Wreath symbolizes our love for God and his eternal love for us. This ornament, along with other colorful additions, represent the joy that the Savior brings us.

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