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Advantages of the Apollo Method: Why is it becoming the preferred technique for treating obesity?

The Apollo method or endoscopic gastric sleeve is an intervention whose objective is reduce stomach capacity. This procedure, performed through the mouth by endoscopy, consists of suturing the stomach, decreasing its capacity and allowing the person to lose weight. In addition to being very effective, this method does not leave scars on the patient’s body and does not usually present complications.

This treatment is designed for those people who are overweight or mild-moderate obese and who have not been able to lose weight with the help of diet and exercise.

These are some of the advantages of using the Apollo Method against overweight and obesity:

1. Offers a greater feeling of satiety for a longer time.

By reducing the size of the stomach, patients do not feel the need to consume the same amounts of food. As a result, the portions are reduced and the acquisition of healthy eating habits is favored. Thanks to this endoscopic technique, the patient will begin to have greater control over what he eats. Part of the treatment also consists of having the support of nutritionists and psychologists that will guide and strengthen the patient’s new lifestyle.

2. It offers safety and effectiveness.

The procedure consists of suturing the stomach with an endoscope that is inserted through the mouth. Since the intervention is minimally invasive, discharge is usually granted after 24 hours. In addition, the Apollo Method reduces the possibility of developing complications and scarring.

3. Facilitates the development of new habits.

The accompaniment of a multidisciplinary team headed by doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, personal trainers and professional coachingallows the patient to improve his relationship with food and change the habits that led to his overweight or obesity.

4. Increases motivation.

Since this method is extremely effective, it allows people to stay motivated to continue their treatment and acquire new healthy habits.

5. Improves the quality of life.

The Apollo Method facilitates digestion, thus allowing the patient to consume different food groups without suffering the discomfort of poor digestion. In addition, weight loss is not the only reward of the procedure, but also the improvement of diseases associated with obesity (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, fatty liver, etc.) that usually improve after the weight loss obtained at the end the treatment. All this has an impact on an improvement in the quality of life of the patient on a physical, mental and emotional level.

In any case, and in the same way as with other techniques, the choice of the medical team is key to achieving good results.

In our case, it should be noted that the Dr. Rafael León is an international reference in the Apollo Method. Likewise, he is a trainer of this technique, giving national and international training to other medical specialists who want to learn about this option to treat obesity. Thanks to its experience and the number of accumulated cases, Obymed has become a reference center in this new Bariatric Endoscopy option that allows overweight and obesity to be treated.

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