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Adrián Uribe and Consuelo Duval are denied: “they invaded our island without permission”

mexican actors Adrian Uribe and consolation duvaThey recently revealed that they had to pay to be able to shoot the movie “Unhappily Ever After”. However, now Zara Monrroy, a member of the Seri, came out to deny the histrions.

Monrroy did not remove his finger from the line and assured that it is false that they have intimidated the members of the production and, On the contrary, they were the ones who invaded the region, which is a sacred place for the people where they filmed in Sonora, Mexico..

After the protagonists of the new film stated in an interview with La Cotorrisa that members of the Seri community had hit producer Jorge Aragón to demand remuneration to record on Shark Island.

The cultural promoter and the rights of indigenous peoples assured that this was a lie and that she witnessed how things happenedsince they went to visit the recordings because they did not have legal permission to do so.

Through her Twitter account, the Seri ombudsman indicated that the members of the production were removed from the territory due to the invasion of Shark Island.

He stressed that it is not true that the members of the community have intimidated the producer of the film, as the protagonists narrated, who also affirmed that later some “friends” asked them for “floor rights”.

“What these gentlemen Adrián Uribe and Consuelo Duval are saying about why we will screw the producer Jorge Aragón and all that is a lie as I am a witness to it and I was one of the people who went to get them out for invasion of our shark island ”


Monrroy explained on his social networks, who speculated that because they opposed filming without the corresponding permission, now they talk about them that way.

“Whoever in their right mind invades an area like this, it is obvious that you need permission, after everything I explained to you. They did the opposite, before they entered my town, part of the production arrived and I went to coordinate that visit and the next ones, but afterward they never told me anything.”

He highlighted a cultural promoter, who also came out to speak on “Ventaneando” clarifying the situation and denying the version of the former members of “La Hora Pico”.

“Now it turns out that Mr. Jorge, the producer, was forced to practically invade our island, a sacred area, we had to go get them out and because we had a verbal agreement to work with them, 12 boats were left without working that day to help the production. They did not want to pay the entrance fee or support the boatmen. Maybe that’s why they went another way, but we went to tell them and they still used the scene on the island. They do not advertise us but bad publicity to our culture our state ”

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