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Adhesive fabrics: learn more

A novelty that is gaining ground in the decoration area is the adhesive fabric🇧🇷 This material promises to revolutionize finishing forms and make environments more beautiful than ever.

Adhesive fabrics transform the decoration of an environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Adhesive fabric, a new product to decorate

The adhesive fabric innovates the aesthetics of the rooms because it combines a differentiated texture with the practicality of a self-adhesive item. It is not necessary to hire specialized labor to achieve customize the elements that make up the decor.

The environments gain more personality through the adhesive fabrics, after all, the pieces are developed with different colors and prints🇧🇷 Gradually the material has conquered the preference of consumers and has all the attributes to replace the old and classic wallpaper.

Professionals who are having their first experience with the adhesive fabric claim that the material is a modern patchwork🇧🇷 It is worth remembering that this craft technique is related to working with fabric scraps.

Objects, furniture and walls can be decorated with adhesive fabrics. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the self-adhesive fabric It is a functional choice for decorating the home. The finish makes the environments more cozy and contributes to the thermal sensation. Versatile, the material can be used to customize furniture, walls and even decorative objects.

One appearance of the self-adhesive fabric that deserves attention is its resistance. The most advanced models are able to cover damp environments without any problem, such as the kitchen and bathroom. To successfully apply the material, it is important that the surface is clean, dry and smooth.

Adhesive fabrics are usually made from cotton, linen or polyester, and they also have a self-adhesive base to facilitate application. When working with this type of material, people don’t need to be afraid to mix patterns of prints, such as flowery, plaid and striped.

Where to buy adhesive fabrics?

Adhesive fabric can be purchased online. (Photo: Disclosure)

Adhesive fabrics are now available at the best decoration stores. On the internet it is also possible to find stores that sell the product, valuing the variety of prints and in tune with trends.

Check it out below where to buy adhesive fabrics🇧🇷

– Snail House: the virtual store offers a variety of prints of adhesive fabrics, such as colored doves, little owls, polka dots, colored confetti, transport, Matrioskas, among others. The price of 49.5x100cm is R$ 30.00.

– Stickout: there are many adhesive fabric options, with prints and colors to please all tastes. Prices are on average R$ 50.00 (150cmx50cm).

🇧🇷 Maria Presenter🇧🇷 in the store there are adhesive fabrics of calico, stripes, cupcakes, bandanas, polka dots, among many other prints. Prices range from R$39.90 to R$63.00.

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