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“Add button” the new function for posts in which Instagram works • ENTER.CO

Instagram continues to target features dedicated to micro-enterprises, startups, and public figures. Now, the famous technology insider Alessandro Paluzzi, revealed the new button on which the social network works. Via your twitter accountPaluzzi let us see the new “add button” function that you can use in your publications, we tell you what it is.

‘Add Button’ as its name suggests, will be a feature that will allow you to add a specific button to your feed posts if you wish. Among the options that you can integrate in the post you will find:

Send messages through Instagram.

Send message through WhatsApp.

Book an appointment.

Apparently, the new option will work like the suggestions we already know about. When you’re editing a post, the options ‘Add location’, ‘add a title’ and ‘tag people’ appear on the profile. Well, the option to ‘add button’ would also appear in the section of the other suggestions mentioned. In this way, as soon as you finish the publication, the button you have selected will also automatically appear.

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The button you add will appear at the bottom of the post, but we don’t yet know what it will look like in the feed. But, most likely, just like the ‘location’ and ‘tag people’ options, the ‘add button’ option can also be added after you’ve finished posting. That is, we find it in the ‘edit publication’ menu.

We still do not know the launch date of the function, the truth is that, as we always mention with this type of information, it is necessary to take it with tweezers, since they are rumors. Also, because the feature might cross the threshold and reach all users, it might get stuck in the middle and not see the light of day. The truth is that if the button reaches Instagram it will be very useful for entrepreneurs and public figures who are entering the medium so far.

Image: Pexels

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