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Adamari López ‘steals’ an idea from Toni Costa and thus modernized the house she shares with Alaïa

The Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López, 51, decided to modernize the Miami house that she shares with the little Alaia and he did it with the installation of some intelligent blinds, which in previous days had already been installed by Tony Costahis ex, in his new home.

Through a video, lasting just under three minutes, the presenter of ‘Today’ shared with us the great happiness that the new modernization of her home caused her.

“My beautiful people, I am with Chris, who came to automate all the curtains in my house. It’s amazing how you can manage everything from one control and at the same time save energy. What an amazing thing! What do you think? ”, Wrote La Chaparrita de Oro in the description of her video.

The video, which was recorded in the kitchen, dining room and living room area, shows the moment when Ada lowered all the curtains on her ground floor with the help of a remote control.

“It allows light to pass through if I want, it depends on how I want to put them, but also if I want to have that kind of privacy and have a little more darkness in the house, I can put them completely closed and then they are perfect for having a smart home” , Adamari is heard saying in a fragment of the video.

He then acknowledged that it was thanks to Toni, his ex, that today his house took that important step towards being modernized.

“I also have to thank you, I don’t know if I said it in the video, that Toni was the one who recommended them to me. You put them on, I think at her house, and Toni recommended you, so thanks for coming here and Toni, thanks to you too. Thanks. I am so happy. I love doing home improvements. I love it, I love it, I love it”, concluded the also actress.

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