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Adamari López shows how they give her an anti-cellulite massage on her buttocks

Adamari Lopez He frequently shares videos on his social networks in which he shows himself exercising, but now he surprised his followers in instagram by posting a clip of her lying on her stomach while being given an anti-cellulite massage. She, very animated, says: “Well, now it’s time for the other side. So…ouch! There I am teaching more. There it goes!”

At 51 years old, the host of the program “Today” remains in top form, and also published a series of photos in which he shows off his looks of the day, among which she highlighted a tight red dress and another pink one with a belt that further highlighted her figure.

Joining the large group of celebrities who use a trending application to retouch photos and turn them into avatars, Adamari showed the results, but commented that she did it in the company of her little daughter Alaia: “Name my character… Alaia named me SuperAda, they continue you… I read them”. 🙃👀🥰

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