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Adamari López shows her emotion to see her daughter again after a several-day trip to Spain

It is not a secret for the public that the main life force of the actress and host Adamari López is her little daughter Alaïa, whom she always makes present on her social networks, as well as her topics of conversation. The girl left Miami for vacation, a situation that weighed heavily on the presenter emotionally.

After 11 days of absence, Adamari López was happy that he returned to the girl’s house, this allowed him to hug and pamper his little Alaïa when he returned from Spain. Her return was emotional, since the driver prepared a very special surprise for the girl in the middle of the airport, something that caused the minor a lot of joy.

Adamari made this moment something extremely special, because, without a doubt, her daughter makes her strive to try to make her feel loved, but in particular, that Alaïa has unforgettable experiences that she can remember growing up. Thus, the actress uploaded a video to her Facebook profile where she told the details.

“Hello my beautiful people, I am very excited to share the reunion with my princess after 11 days on vacation with her father in Spain. Thanks to Génesis de La Mina De Oro Génesis Fuentes for helping me give him a very special surprise at the airport. I love you princess, you don’t know how much I missed you, ”she indicated.

López received the little girl with flowers, balloons, accompanied by two bears, Upon seeing this detail, Alaïa was moved by this great detail from her motherwho cried weeks ago when she left Miami, because both are close and the fact of separating caused the actress mixed feelings.

The 7-year-old girl spent the end of the year with her father, Toni Costa, in Valencia, Spain, where Alaïa was able to live with her father’s family. Even in a clip from her Instagram account, the least of her shared that she had a great time in this life experience.

Adamari and Toni ended their relationship in 2021, but they have done everything possible so that the girl is not affected by their breakup. From the videos to images that can be seen of the little girl, it could be said that the former couple has fulfilled her mission so that she has a happy and harmonious childhood.

After his return to Miami, Toni indicated that they had a great time during this vacation period, but it was time to resume his activities, since he is clear that the little girl must return to school, as well as he must return to his professional commitments.

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