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Adamari López showed off her “hourglass” silhouette in a custom-made suit

Adamari López gives a lot to talk about with each of the outfits that she shares through her social networks, the most recent being proof that she is not afraid to experiment with different styles, textures and clothes.

From her official account on Instagram, the host of ‘Today’ gave a taste of the look that she rocked for one of the editions of the morning show.

It was a magenta pantsuit with which the actress also joined the trend of looks inspired by the seventies. Under said tailored suit, a white shirt and several necklaces can be seen that brought an unexpected twist to the fashion proposal.

The styling of said outfit was carried out by Denise del Pino, who has been behind several outfits that the famous has shown during her participation in the morning.

It should be noted that Adamari López soon became the target of dozens of comments and compliments from her followers, who flattered her “hourglass” silhouette.

“What a great photo”, “Billa bory shines and the one who does not like to wear glasses because you have class and with that you are born”, “Beautiful how you dress” and “You look beautiful Adamari”, are some of the responses that read online.

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