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Adamari López on Shakira’s song: “I also invoice”

Adamari Lopez.

Photo: Today Day / Telemundo

“I also bill”… This was Adamari López’s response this morning on ‘Hoy Día’ when the four presenters of the show They talked about Shakira’s new song with Bizarrap ‘Sessions #53’.

What was he referring to? To one of the phrases from Shakira’s song, which has become almost a commandment for empowered women, and especially for those who have ever been cheated on by their partner, which one? “Women no longer cry, women bill”.

Fascinated with the song, from which she confessed that she was waiting for it as a good thing, although he never imagined that it would be so direct. “We didn’t think it would be that strong. Shakira is going to bill a lot with this song. I obviously in favor of what she has done. Everyone may think that she is on fire, but look, she is billing money and is working, which is what she knows how to do with her music, ”she came out in her defense.

It’s that since On Wednesday night, January 11, Shakira and Bizarrap released the song, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, even surpassing the debut of ‘Despacito’. In 24 hours it reached more than 50 million of visits on Youtube.

His poetic phrases, but Directly to his ex Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chía, they have left the world with their mouths open and she is very happy to have gotten all that off her chest in their third song in reference to their separation. It began with ‘Te Felicito’, continued with ‘Monotonía’, and closed the trilogy -for the moment- with ‘Sessions #53’.

But Adamari seemed to feel identified, at least in this “billing with spite”something of which they usually accuse her in reference to her Reels, which her followers often question or congratulate her because they think they are dedicated to Toni Costa or his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán.

And it seems they were not so wrong, out of spite or just for having an extra ticket, she herself confirmed it today when he said: “I love when we can bill for those little things“… And in case there were any doubts, his partner Penélope Menchaca went directly to him asking what he meant.

What did Adamari say? “Well, I also invoice, I do my chin chin… Shakira, I love you!”.. Clearer impossible.

Let’s remember that more than two years ago Adamari confirmed to us that she had separated from the father of her daughter, Alaïa, for taking care of herself… Much has been speculated about the true motives, but neither of them have ever spoken.

There was talk of infidelity, cooling off in the couple, but neither Ada nor Toni have confirmed or denied it. For now, she continues to do her reels and billing whether or not for her ex and her girlfriend.

Here we show you some of his reels ‘suspicious’ of billing, instead of crying:


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