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Adamari López launches a controversial message on Instagram, it is thought that it is addressed to her ex-partner’s girlfriend

One of the reasons why Adamari López is a relevant figure in the entertainment medium, without a doubt, has to do with the content that she shares daily on her social media platforms. In general, López is shown as a person with good vibes and very lovingin the personal and professional field.

Perhaps, the fact that she shows herself as a committed and tender mother is the side that people like the most, since it is known that Alaïa, her daughter, is her whole world. For this reason, you would think that the content you share, mainly on Instagram and Facebook, is always positive or emotional, far from controversial, but this is not the case, since an Instagram post has little to do with what you share.

It turns out that the 51-year-old Puerto Rican shared a video that is giving a lot to talk about, since its content is believed to make a direct allusion to Alaïa’s father’s current partner, Toni Costa, 39, who has a relationship with Evelyn Beltran. Costa was accused of being unfaithful to Adamari and preferring to maintain a relationship with Evelyn.

Under said reference, the content of the clip shared by López, who was married to the singer Luis Fonsi, focused on pointing out: “Look, why so much hate, if the one with the ass and the one with the great body is you? I have nothing, ”says a voiceover that Adamari López doubles with a touch of irony, while she points to her behind. What was said caused a stir.

After the publication of the content and the message, it is thought to be a hint for Evelyn Beltrán, who is physically a woman with a voluptuous body, the product of multiple plastic surgeries. Even Beltrán herself has accepted that she reduced her breasts considering that she had a very large size, in addition to the fact that a 360 lipo was performed.

At the bottom of the post, López limited himself to saying: “Without words, can you help me with a creative caption?” Without giving further details, those who have followed the path of the host and actress interpreted the short video as a clear allusion. Toni Costa’s partner, but despite speculation and close references, no one can be sure that Adamari was referring to Evelyn.

Beyond the speculation and what is thought of the post, Evelyn and Toni have been repeatedly attacked on social networks considering them as two unfaithful, since it has been said that Beltrán had a relationship when he got involved with the famous, who in turn , was a partner of the Puerto Rican driver. López and Costa separated in May 2021, after almost 10 years of relationship.

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