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Adamari López defends Paty Navidad from Niurka’s cruel criticism for being overweight

Adamari López defended Paty Navidad from Niurka’s comments.

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The fierce comments of Niurka Marcos regarding the physical appearance of Patty Christmas ended up causing a stir among followers and some celebrities such as Adamari Lopezwho immediately He came out in defense of the Sinaloan actress.

And it is that, after seeing the interview of the controversial Cuban star in which she assured that Paty Navidad looks neglected and overweight now that she is inside ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the Telemundo presenter did not hesitate to take out the claws for the Mexican, as she assured that what Niurka said is completely out of place and having a few extra kilos has nothing to do with being a “pretty or good” person.

“What Niurka is saying, or what I understand, is that she calls a person fat and considers them ugly, It has nothing to do with being fat or skinny to be pretty or a good person“Commented the driver indignantly, who a few years ago faced weight problems.

But she was not the only one, as her partner Verónica Bastos also joined the reactions and regretted the unfortunate comments of the former Adventurer, as she recalled that Paty Navidad has thyroid problems, which is why it is difficult for her to control her weight.

“It’s very rude because Patty suffers from thyroidAlthough you are so beautiful, you are a worse person when you are criticizing another woman who is only trying to get ahead and working in the house and what is certain is that Paty plays a very important role in the house “, he added during the ‘Today Day’ program.

What did Niurka say about Paty Navidad?

It was during the press conference that she offered to announce that she will be the host of “La Drag Queen Soy Yo”, where Niurka Marcos was questioned about the performance that Paty Navidad had during her first days on the Telemundo reality show, but with her peculiar style, he had no qualms about talking about the physique of who he claims is his friend.

Oh, how fat he has become! Paty is so beautiful … what an ugly body she has right now, oh forgive me, friend, ”he commented.

But after being informed that possibly being overweight is due to suffering from a disease, the dancer reacted with her peculiar style stating that “no, ugliness is not a disease, it is a natural state.”

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