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Adamari López arrived at La Casa de Los Famosos and Luis Potro imitated Toni Costa again

the shorty of Telemundo, Adamari Lopez, literally came screaming to announce his arrival to a large part of the previous participants: “The night is over. Good morning…”. so made vibrate The House of the Famous which will begin this Tuesday, January 17. Of course, the members were moved by the presence of the star of Todaybut Luis Colt Caballero He took it one level further with a new Toni Costa impersonation.

from the set of The House of the Famous, some former members spoke of their expectations of what will be seen in this new season, of the new participants and of the experiences that they themselves lived there. But it was Luis Colt Caballero the one who surprised joking with Adamari López about Toni Costa. He even said in front of the camera: “She is very pretty, of course. I want to take the opportunity to send my daughter a kiss, Alaïa I love you, a kiss”. In a perfect dramatization that he did of Tony Costa during your stay at LCDLF.

Adamari Lopez and her histrionics in acting made her go along with it and she even sent a message to her ex: “My goodness, my goodness. Toni darling I think they are imitating you… eh, well this is for you”. She did not leave out something for her little girl either: “A kiss also for Alaïa who must be at school…”. Of course it is all part of the good humor and good energy that is breathed just days before the third season of The House of the Famous.

Adamari Lopez in Mexico

The ex of Luis Fonsi not only did he travel to Mexico City to cheer up and give the good luck kick to the members of the telemundo reality showalso went to support his friends from The Lord of the heavens the premiere to the press in the Aztec country. Adamari surprised by confessing that he could consider returning to acting.

He also had the opportunity to interview Rafael Amaya. Same that also impacted with confessions to Quique Usales. The Mexican actor confirmed having a stable relationship for 2 and a half years with his current manager Maritza Ramoswho always accompanies him but prefers to stay out of the spotlight of fame.

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