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Adamari López and the “flirting” with Tom Brady that cost him public criticism

What a time starred Adamari Lopez during the most recent transmission of the program ‘Hoy Día’, because She could not contain her “excitement” when she was chosen to closely analyze the daring selfie that Tom Brady took now that he is single. Read on to find out the details!

It was through a video that began to circulate on the network that the comical moment that the Puerto Rican lived during a segment of the program that she hosts could be appreciated. And it is that in this it was evident that he is not indifferent to the attributes that the NFL champion showed in his hot postcard.

The photograph in question showed Gisele Bündchen’s ex-husband in underpants while posing in front of a mirror, revealing his attributes. Therefore, as shown in the video, Adamari López wasted no time in closely analyzing every detail.

“I need to see how many fingers Tom Brady’s hand has,” exclaimed the famous before the curious look and laughter of her companions. “Those panties look good,” added the famous to her intervention.

This fun interaction by Adamari López was not long in spreading through social networks and causing a stir among the public, because while some praised the host’s sense of humor, others did not hesitate to express their disagreement and even call it ” bad example for his daughter.

Despite the criticism, the actress also received the appreciation of dozens of Internet users who came to her rescue. “It’s a TV show, to laugh and be happy, I don’t know, some of them are stressed by God, life is to laugh please” and “She is having fun and the moralists come out at once”, are some of the arguments that were shared under the publication of ‘Today’.

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