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Adamari López and Andrea Meza star in an intense disagreement in the middle of the show because of Bad Bunny | VIDEO

This time Bad Bunny He was in charge of igniting the spirits of “Today”, since he opposed the conductors Adamari Lopez Y Andrea Meza when debating whether his reaction to throwing a fan’s cell phone into the water was justified.

Said rudeness of the famous singer caused that in the middle of the program they starred in an awkward moment when they began to fight after one of them favored the Puerto Rican singer.

The Puerto Rican interpreter unleashed a shower of criticism due to the attitude he had with a fanatic from whom he snatched her cell phone and then released it.

In this regard, the singer justified himself by assuring that it was disrespectful to have placed the device on his face, an argument supported by the former Miss Universe, although he assured that it had been a bit excessive to have thrown the phone.

“Also reminding us that he is a person and invading his privacy like this is not right or normal, as he said on his Twitter, if you come and talk to me, I will gladly receive you, but if you come to put a phone in the face, how do you expect me to respect you if you are not respecting me?”


Andrea Meza pointed out that, After the intervention, with clear annoyance, Adamari López responded and immediately sent a commercial to avoid continuing the discussion.

“Respect is not asked for by disrespecting another person, so that she understands, you have to respect her too, and it is not right to throw the phone at her. If she doesn’t want people to go and greet him, let him stay at her house, have the party at her house and no one will bother him. Why do you want to be famous when people are going to ask you for an autograph and then you won’t want them?


This is not the first time that the hosts of “Today” confront each other in the middle of the program, because during a dynamic at a debate table they made evident the difference of opinion that exists between them outside the cameras. This has caused endless rumors to emerge, including some that point to a rivalry.

One of the previous fights occurred when they were talking about the separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakira, as well as the new relationship of the ex-soccer player with the student Clara Chía Martí.

And it is that Andrea Meza defended the conquest of the former Barcelona player by assuring that she was not to blame for the breakup of the singer.

“She knew she was in a relationship, she could have expected or not agreed to go out with him instead of agreeing to go out with a man who is in a relationship. A woman who enters into a relationship, knowing that she is in a relationship is wrong, she is a woman who has no principles.”

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