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Acrylic office chairs

With its emergence in the late 50s and early 60s, acrylic can be part of any room in the house, as it allows for varied configurations in colors and formats, which is why it has become a worldwide trend in the decoration segment. At Acrylic office chairs has gained space due to the fact that the environment becomes lighter and more harmonious.

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Acrylic office chairs

This material is an engineering plastic, with excellent optical properties and transparency, which generate excellent consistency and shine, in addition to being very resistant to weathering. O acrylic it is widely used to replace glass and other transparent plastics, as it transmits up to 93% of light, which is much superior to the other materials it replaces.

Another reason why acrylic has fallen in love with decorators and the public is its resistance, the acrylic resists ultraviolet solar radiation without yellowing and without causing surface cracks, common to many other plastic materials, it also resists mineral and organic acids, diluted and concentrated alkaline solutions, inorganic salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons, fats, oils and most common gases.

As for cleaning, acrylic is extremely easy and practical to clean, with just water and soap or detergents applied with a flannel, the object is completely clean and shiny. However, one must be very careful with the handling of the pieces, as they are easily scratched, which I think is the only defect of the material. If such risks occur, applying a household metal polish will do the trick.

Currently it is not difficult to come across acrylic pieces, they vary greatly in sizes, colors and even material quality. Prices accompany the designer in his creation.

We will see below some models of acrylic chairs for office.

These chairs were created in 1955 by the designer Jacobsen and are the most commercially successful chairs in the world with more than 5 million units sold. They are part of the Serie 7 collection.

These chairs were designed in 1951 by the couple Charles and Ray Eames, and have acrylic variations and configuration options for dining and office settings.

These chairs are the Aluminum Group line, which won the exclusive acrylic version for offices. An object that brings lightness and modernity to the work environment.

The Charles Eames acrylic chair with swivel base translates lightness and transparency, making your work environment or home office more pleasant.

The Envelope chair by Charles Eames has a swivel foot and a base made of drawn wire with a chrome finish.

The Saarinen chair with armrests has aluminum feet painted with automotive paint in different colors, the seat in 100% pure acrylic can be decorated with the most varied colors available on the market. This is a creation of designer Eero Saarinem.

Finally, we have the SKR Cup chair with swivel foot in aluminum disc, seat in 100% pure acrylic and available in the most varied colors.

The prices of acrylic chairs are relatively taller, due to their aforementioned characteristics and also to the fact that they are fashion and luxury icons within home decor. If you want to produce an elegant work environment without straying from modernity and aspects of lightness and transparency, look for a specialized store and buy your chair.

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