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According to rumors, the iPhone 14 will have autofocus on the front camera • ENTER.CO

There is still a long time before we know the next Apple cell phone, the iPhone 14, but, as usual, analysts, critics and fans cannot wait for it. On this occasion, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported through of your account Twitter that the company’s next flagship will be equipped with autofocus on the selfie camera.

Until now, Apple phones have a fixed focus, at least on the front camera. In addition to this improvement, the selfie camera will also have a wider aperture: f / 1.9 compared to f / 2.2 that the iPhone 13 has; If so, these two new improvements will ensure that more light enters the camera sensor.

With auto focus and the new aperture on the camera, you could take high-quality photos even when the person or object is very close or very far away. It would also allow deeper images with a blurred background, in addition to night photos with exceptional quality.

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As for the physical aspect of the front camera we will also see changes. According to Kuo and some other experts who have spoken on the subject, they assure that Apple will get rid of the “notch” that we already know; instead, it will use a small hole that will house the camera. To achieve the improvements and this change in the appearance of the camera, the company will have to use smaller modules.

Kuo also argued that the new camera will be present in the four models that Apple launches with each new series of phones. This is undoubtedly great news for fans of the brand, since the company has accustomed us to the fact that only the older brothers, the ‘Pro’, have these types of improvements.

However, as we always indicate with this type of news, we will have to wait for the official information announced by the company, or failing that, wait for the debut of the iPhone 14. That is because they are only stipulated rumors about what will be the next Apple ship.

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