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According to reports, Microsoft could present Windows 12 in 2024 – ENTER.CO

Microsoft would be changing (again) the time in which it will release its main versions of Windows. We were able to verify this thanks to a report published by Windows Central. In it you can read that the company would be returning to a three-year release cycle for the operating system. That is, if this is true, we could see the Windows 12 version in the year 2024.

Why in 2024? The last version of the system that the company launched was Windows 11, which was in 2021; that is to say that the three years of this version would be fulfilled in 2024. And it is that Microsoft originally launched the new versions of Windows every three years, until Windows 10 arrived in 2015. At that time the company argued that Windows had been prioritized as a service. Therefore, instead of rolling out new features with a new OS version every three years, it was better to perform different updates during the year of the existing version.

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Since then, the company released two major updates with a host of new features twice a year. Thanks to this and to the fact that a Microsoft employee described Windows 10 as “the latest version of Windows”, users thought that this would really be the last version of the operating system. However, in 2021, the company launched Windows 11. Since then, the company announced that there would be an annual update for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

However, we have seen the company move away from annual updates, instead shipping major features once they are ready. Said like this, it would be expected that, although the new version arrives in 2024: Windows 12, the company will continue to make updates to the current version of Windows. However, it should be noted that Microsoft has not yet made an official comment on its plans with the new versions of Windows. Once this happens, we will inform you on ENTER.CO.

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