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According to Lira, permanent aid of BRL 400 would be approved by the chamber

According to Arthur Lira, the permanent aid would be approved by the Chamber of Deputies in the amount of R$400.00, something that would benefit many low-income families in Brazil that need the amounts.

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What are the changes to permanent aid?

As the President of Chamber of DeputiesArthur Lira, from the PP-AL party, the House will not experience difficulties in maintaining the Auxílio Brasil in the amount of R$ 400.00 permanently, instead of the proposal that would simply end this benefit in the month of December 2021.

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Will there be an increase in servers?

The mayor, Arthur Lira, mentions that he does not believe he sees any space in the Precatories PEC for a possible readjustment, but if the government, in fact, chooses to give the increase, it will be feasible to cut expenses in the budget.

What is Brazil Aid?

This new benefit is a social program created by the federal government to assist low-income families, which replaces not only the Emergency Aid but also the Bolsa Família (extinct).

Around 14.5 million Brazilians will receive the benefit this November, which started with payments on the 17th.

There is great expectation that the government will be able to increase the number of beneficiaries, which could reach just 17 million in December 2021 alone.

How will the Brazil Aid work?

This benefit will be exactly like the Bolsa Família, that is, families that are enrolled in the Cadastro Único and are included in the conditions required by the program, in order to be able to receive the amounts.

The amounts will be sent directly to social savings, which would be the Auxílio Brasil Caixa application and it will be possible to make inquiries through Caixa Tem to check the amounts for receiving the benefit.

Caixa Econômica Federal issued a report to people who are unable to access the application, as it occurs due to simultaneous access and the institution gradually releases access in the same way as happened in 2020 with Caixa Tem.

Beneficiaries will need to wait for new information about the benefit of R$ 400.00 and without ceasing to receive the Auxílio Brasil, which will be of great help over the months.

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