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According to a report, only the iPhone 14 Pro will receive a 48-megapixel camera • ENTER.CO

There has been a lot of rumors about the next iPhone 14, most of them agree that the cell phone cameras will have 48 megapixels in the main sensor. Now, Mark Gurman, an Apple analyst at Bloomberg, stated in his latest report that the 48-megapixel camera will be real, but only in one of the models.

According to Gurman, the iPhone 14 Pro will be the only model in the 14 series that will have these pixels in its camera. Although this is so, only in one of the older brothers, it will still be a pleasant surprise for users. Since 2015, with the arrival of the iPhone 6s, Apple has equipped its devices with cameras with a maximum of 12 megapixels. According to the analyst, the other members: the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max will also have 12-megapixel sensors.

Generally, the company makes its major camera updates from the hardware. For example, in the iPhone 13 family, the Pro model has an additional telephoto camera on the back. However, the megapixels that accompany the standard and Pro iPhones have always been the same number of megapixels, so the 48 megapixels in the iPhone 14 Pro would be the first time that they differ between the two models.

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On the other hand, according to rumors, only the Pro model will get Apple’s new A16 chip, while its smaller siblings will use the A15. The latter is the chip with which the iPhone 13 works or a variant of it. Likewise, it is expected that this year the iPhone mini that the company always launches in a series of phones will cease to exist.

Gurman also says that this year’s iPhones will likely be equipped with satellite connectivity, as Apple has apparently been working on it for several years. But such connectivity would not be for satellite calls, according to the analyst, it will be designed for users to report emergencies.

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