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Accessories for decoration: trends, tips

Look accessories for decoration: trends, tips🇧🇷 These pieces are not essential for environments, but they make all the difference in aesthetics. They end up with the monotony of any environment through different colors, prints and designs.

Accessories for decoration: trends, tips. (Ilustrative Photo)

If you want to make your home decor more beautiful, then nothing better than betting on accessories. These items, which complement the furniture, manage to imprint the resident’s personality in each room, with charm, originality and good taste.

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What this article covers:

Accessories for decoration: trends, tips

We selected some options accessories for decoration: trends, tips🇧🇷 Check out:

modern frames

That story of decorating the walls with landscape paintings or vases of flowers is in the past. The trend at the moment is to bet on more urban and relaxed pieces, capable of valuing graphics, photographs and abstract art. The composition becomes even more interesting when it has strategic lighting.


Modern light fixtures.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Modern light fixtures. (Ilustrative Photo)

The luminaire has made all the difference in the decoration of environments, especially in the living room and bedroom. You can bet on a piece with a modern design or vibrant color, as this will become the highlight of the layout. A pendant model on the kitchen counter, for example, makes the room more cozy and contemporary.

patterned pillows

Are you sick of the sofa in the living room? Then try to transform it by changing the pads. That’s right! In decoration stores it is possible to find pieces with different formats, colors and prints. Ethnic patterns are super popular, as are fun prints.

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Chests, when well used, make the decoration more beautiful and at the same time functional. They serve to store books, magazines and objects that do not need to be exposed. They also function as decorative pieces, especially when they have a different design (retro or with a striking color).

The trunk is a nice piece to include in the decor.  (Ilustrative Photo)

The trunk is a nice piece to include in the decor. (Ilustrative Photo)

In addition to the pieces mentioned above, there are many other accessories that are in fashion and can be used in decoration, such as multiple picture frames, rotating plates, framed posters, organizing baskets, candlesticks and restored antique pieces. . When choosing the pieces, just be careful not to overdo it and leave the environment with a polluted look.

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Now you know good options for accessories for decoration: trends, tips🇧🇷 Choose items that match the style of the environment and modernize the space through the details. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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