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Access government services through free apps

The advantages of accessing government benefits via free applications, and they can be used in any location, as long as you have an internet connection.

What this article covers:

What are free apps to access government services?

The list of free apps that will make your life easier when using government services are as follows:

digital job portfolio

The CTD (digital workbook) is an APP whose function is to provide workers with digital tools to help their work day, connecting personal data and also employment contracts that are being used through social security (PS) and work card (CT). The CTD provides entry into unemployment insurance, protecting it against dismissal without just cause, and facilitating access to information.

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Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS)

The application was created with multiple functions, and seeks to facilitate and streamline the user’s life, giving the citizen the possibility to request withdrawal digitally, follow processes, upload documents, among others. In addition to being able to analyze account balances linked to the respective holder.

Enem – INEP

The applications bring benefits to future university students as well, because through the ENEM application created by INEP, the student can get important details about the ENEM (National High School Examination). Possessing enormous importance in delivering information, helping thousands of young people and adults.


This app from INSS delivers services related to retirement, sickness benefit, maternity salary, in addition to the possibility of extracting contributions and payments, outside expert appointments. Enabling access to its benefits without having to travel long distances.

My Gov.Br

The Meu Gov.Br application provides integrated functionalities, enabling access to the e-CAC to take mandatory INSS tests and gain access to information regarding the MEI. (Individual Microentrepreneur)

What are the advantages of accessing services online?

Certainly, there is no lack of advantages, and among them there is an emphasis on practicality, comfort and speed of access to services without having to leave the house. This situation reduces the exposure and wear and tear of those who seek government services, so that they obtain satisfaction without overloading face-to-face government services.

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