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Accepting promotion when looking for another job: yes or no?

A decision that can become a real puzzle: should you accept a promotion or not when you are looking for another job?

As interesting as the offer may seem, understand the pros and cons of accept promotion when looking for another job.

If you are looking for new job opportunities it is probably because you are not satisfied with your current situation. Many aspects can justify this lack of motivation.

However, if you are already determined to move as soon as the opportunity arises, should you or should you not accept a promotion when looking for another job?

Know the pros and cons.

Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to accepting promotion when looking for another job. Understand some of the main ones.

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If your dissatisfaction with the current situation is related to the lack of recognition, a promotion may be the solution to feel better and decide to stay in the company. On the other hand, it can represent the solution, even if temporary, for some financial and even psychological discomfort, until you can change to something better.


Being promoted can represent, not only an increase in the monthly amount received, but also the passage to a higher position with more responsibility, which assumes a very relevant weight for the curriculum and can open other doors.

bargaining power

With a promotion, it is natural that you feel more confident in your abilities and this gives you greater freedom to negotiate with other entities.



By accepting a promotion, you end up reinforcing your commitment to the company. After all, this represents a reinforcement of confidence on the part of the entity. This aspect can jeopardize the decision to leave, inhibiting you to do so or even causing you to change your mind.


Let’s say that if you’ve already decided to leave your current employer, accepting a promotion now may leave you “looking bad in the picture”, unless salary conditions were the only reason behind your discontent or plan to make that change in the long term. .

If your move is decided, you have a good relationship with your superiors and you want to keep that door open, perhaps the best thing is to “open the game” and if both are in agreement, the promotion can still go ahead. Note that this may be a way for the company to dissuade you from its decision.


By accepting a promotion shortly before looking for a new opportunity, you are more likely to be disillusioned with the salary offer for a new experience. Considering that you will start at a different level, you may receive less. However, it may be worth this step back if you think you’ll be happier and there’s room for career advancement.

Weigh the reasons for your intention to leave well and compare it to the benefits of accepting a promotion when looking for another job

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