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Abbreviating the Professional Certificate – Incorruptible

How do you write the professional certificate?

Adm.; Mex. Document issued by the didactic authority with patent effects for professional physical exercise.

What are the initials of cedula?


to. at sign (cf. @, in appendix 4)
IC identity card
Inc.; c. went company (also C.ª and Comp.)
cje. brokerage
cl. street (also c. Y c/)

How do you write the abbreviation for cedula de ciudadania?

initials glossary

Abbreviation / Term Definition
ANI National Identification File
DC Citizenship card
CC PV First time citizenship card
CC DUP Duplicate of citizenship card

How do you write an abbreviation?

Case: Generally, abbreviations are written in either lower or upper case depending on how the words they represent are written without abbreviation. That is why the initials of the first names of little people and of the protocol treatments are written with capital letters.

How do you write the ID within a document?

The first names that describe documents of this type are written in lower case: passport, identity card, driver’s license, national identity document, health card, foreigner’s certificate, etc.

How is the professional license abbreviated?

PROF Spanish translation: CED. PROF.

When do you spell cedula?

Feminine noun. Paper or official document, in which a debt, an obligation or any information of this type is recorded. Piece of paper that is used to write something on it.

How do you abbreviate citizenship certificate?

Glossary of Acronyms

Abbreviation / Concept Definition
ABIS Automatic Identification System by biometrics
AFIS Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
ANI National Identification File
DC Citizenship card

What does the word CC mean?

Chapter (also c. and ch.) c. c.

What is the correct constitution of writing cedula?

(From lat. schedŭla, dim. from scheda, sheet of paper).

What is an abbreviation and 10 examples?

An abbreviation is a shortened descriptive representation of a word or a group of words by deleting some letters or syllables. For example: art. (by article), chap. (by chapter), FF.

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