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AAA breaks the silence and announces suspension for Chessman, the fighter who hit the influencer Adrián Marcelo

After three days of analyzing the situation, the company AAA finally took action on the matter after the blow that Chessman gave the influencer from Monterrey Adrián Marcelo between the neck and face last weekend during a festival in Mexico City, which combined musical stages and exhibitions of wrestling.

While in earlier days Adrián Marcelo told his version of the events and explained that the aesthete he was enraged because he asked him the reason why he had not been called to perform in the function of the event The World is a Vampire, in the Mexican capital, the company to which the player belongs only delayed and did not communicate its position, but this Tuesday they finally announced the measures they will take with the aggressor.

After analyzing what happened with Adrián Marcelo at the festival ‘The World is a Vampire’, We have reached the determination to suspend Chessman from all luchistic activity for a period of 2 weeks. The sanction will be effective from today,” the company explained in a statement released through social networks.

Given this, the reaction of Internet users was immediate and opinions were divided, since some considered that it was a short suspension time for an attack of such magnitude, while Adrián Marcelo’s detractors believed that they should have rewarded the fighter for the action. Of course, there was no shortage of the one who wrote that it was all a bad performance.

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