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A5 service area reopens with new Colibri space

Brisa, which operates the Colibri coffee shop network, invested 1.4 million euros in renovating the service area.

The A5 service area, in Oeiras, has new Colibri Cafeterias, one in each direction. The new spaces were completely transformed, with an investment of 1.4 million euros.

The Colibri are exploited by Brisa Áreas de Serviço, a company controlled by Brisa in partnership with the multinational Areas. In total, 33 million euros have already been invested in the service areas of the Brisa network, which currently has 29 Colibri stores.

In Oeiras, the new Colibri Cafetaria spaces will create 23 jobs, with each store having around 300 square meters and 84 seats, half outside the stores.

Manuel Melo Ramos, executive director of Brisa, refers “the concept of comfort area, created for the Brisa network under the Colibri brand, aims to improve the experience of stopping travelers on motorways. On an urban journey, stopover needs are different and, in the case of the A5, we studied the best way to make life easier for our customers. Colibri Cafetaria offers varied, fast and quality options to those who commute from home to work and vice versa”.

As in all Colibri spaces, the cafeterias on the A5 feature modern and welcoming decor and high standards of quality and cleanliness.

The offer will focus on ready-to-eat products, very much in line with current trends in healthy eating, including, for example, vegetarian options and less caloric products.

sustainable offer

Like the other Colibri comfort areas, in Oeiras there will be an offer of menus adapted to the lifestyle of those circulating in the vicinity.

Manuel Melo Ramos also stresses that “soon, the Colibri on the A5 will have a more sustainable offer, in line with the environmental goals of the Brisa Group, which plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030 (compared to 2021) and achieve carbon neutrality by 2045”.

An example will be the existence of reusable packaging with the possibility of refill.

The new Colibri de Oeiras will serve a population of more than 90 thousand people who circulate daily on the A5. Alongside these cafeterias and petrol stations, the Oeiras service area will continue to have different services such as the Via Verde store, a supermarket, a workshop, a hotel and a McDonald’s restaurant.

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