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A woman goes viral by showing her body with 0% body fat

A bodybuilder with «zero percent body fat«, whose name and origin are unknown, has sparked a debate on the internet after posting a video showing his extremely worked body, with every muscle marked.

The footage, uploaded by the user QuakerBaker9 to the LiveLeak.com site, has gone viral with the name “Woman doing push-ups in the gym proud of having 0% fat”, along with the comment “Well, this has already gone from attractive to dangerous.”


The video has received hundreds of comments, some users referred to an aesthetic issue saying that this body is not attractive and some even claimed that the woman had to take certain products to look like that.

But some have gone beyond aesthetics and have suggested that it may be “dangerous» for your health define your body in this way; “You’ve gone too far” or “That’s bad for your body” have been some of the negative comments. However, others deeply admired her dedication. “It’s her life. So more strength for her, ”says another user positively.


Far from the debate about whether or not a woman is attractive, the important thing is to know to what extent the obsession with the body can put health at risk.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, a healthy percentage of body fat for women aged 20 to 39 ranges from between 21 and 33 percent.

According to the nutrition specialist Gabriela Gottau, in the case of women, the recommended minimum is 13%, descending to 6% in the case of athletes. «Below this percentage of body fat, organic functions are significantly altered and vital processes can be affected, with a percentage of body fat below 3% being incompatible with life.


In addition to physical health problems, the obsession with the perfect body can lead to mental illnesses such as vigorexia or dysmorphia.

Removing fat from our body is a challenge for most people, but always consistently and without putting our health at risk.

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