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A woman accuses Marilyn Manson of sexually assaulting her on a bus

Marilyn Manson.

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The legal problems do not seem to end for the rock singer marilyn mansonsince now a woman who preferred to remain anonymous filed a lawsuit against him in Nassau County, New York, accusing him of sexual assault.

According to the plaintiff – referred to in the document as Jane Doe – she met Manson in September 1995, when she was 16 years old. He invited her onto the bus that was taking him on tour, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.to later laugh at her and ask her to get out of the vehicle.

Joe also included in the lawsuit that the singer threatened to kill her and her family., in addition to insisting that he go see him at another concert in Louisiana and that he send him photographs of sexual content. According to the girl -who asks for compensation for unspecified damages due to the “serious emotional, physical and psychological anguish” she suffered- Manson’s manager approached him and provided him with a phone number so he could keep in touch with members of the band..

So far Marilyn Manson has not spoken about it. The singer – whose real name is Brian Warner– was accused two years ago of abuse by his ex-girlfriend, the actress Evan Rachel Wood. Since then several women have filed lawsuits against him, but some have been dismissed.

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