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A UFC fighter accused LeBron James of using doping: “I know what he is taking”

Chael Sonnen, a UFC fighter, pointed out that one of the reasons why LeBron James stay in stardom is because he uses banned substances to maintain his good physical condition in the NBA.

Sonnen accused LeBron James to use Erythropoietin, also known as EPO, which allows athletes to have better physical performance.

“We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he is taking,” said the former UFC fighter.

The athlete increases his concentration of red blood cells, with which the muscles can receive more oxygen from the same amount of blood, thus working more efficiently and delaying the onset of fatigue.

For this reason, athletes who practice endurance tests such as cycling, marathon running or athletic walking are the ones who could benefit the most from the consumption of this substance.

“Other basketball players who hear what LeBron does will say it doesn’t matter. If you knew what these performance enhancers do, you would know that it matters. EPO matters, it’s the reason LeBron takes it. EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you more stamina to play the whole game,” Sonnen said during the Podcast.

This medicine is used for patients with severe anemia that may be caused by kidney failure or tumors.

The Los Angeles Lakers announced on February 26 that LeBron James He will miss at least three weeks of competition due to a tendon injury in his right foot.

“LeBron James has been evaluated by Lakers doctors and determined to have a tendon injury in his right foot. James will be re-evaluated in approximately three weeks,” the Los Angeles franchise said in a statement.

LeBron suffered the injury on Sunday in his team’s fabulous comeback against Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks (108-111).

Although he managed to finish that game while injured, LeBron did not play against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday (121-109 loss). nor in the victory on Wednesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder (117-123) and it was already feared that these foot problems could leave him out for several weeks.

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