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a ticket across Europe with new offers

Interrail turns 50 and continues to add trains and fantastic destinations in Europe. The price? Well, this one remains unbeatable.

THE interrail it is now more than half a century old (it is true, it was created in 1972) and continues to be one of the most special ways to get to know Europe.

Every year there are more countries, more trains and more islands to discover, always at super attractive prices. If you are thinking of going on an adventure, then find out in advance about all the new things you can enjoy and the discounts and benefits you can benefit from.

Explore the Old Continent aboard a train and get to know thousands of destinations and dozens of countries, at the pace you want, on the dates you want. The script is yours, so design it to your liking.

Interrail: a unique journey through Europe

Global Pass

The Interrail Global Pass (Interrail Global Pass) lets you discover around 40,000 destinations, from the busiest cities to the quietest villages, and get on trains from 33 different countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


  • Discount for passengers aged up to and including 27 years;
  • Unlimited travel in 33 countries;
  • Start and end of the journey at your local train station;


There are many packs available. Prices for these packages range from €194 (four days of travel) to €711 (three continuous months), for passengers between 12 and 17 years old and traveling in second class. From 28 to 59 years old, prices vary between 246 and 902 euros and for people over 60, between 221 and 812 euros.

Children up to and including 11 years old travel with free Interrail, provided they are accompanied by an adult Interrail holder (limited to two children per adult).

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Interrail to one country

Another possibility is the Interrail One Country Pass, which allows you to travel in a country of your choice for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 days within a month. But be careful, it is only valid for foreign countries, that is, the Interrail Portugal pass cannot be purchased by residents in Portugal.

This pass is available for any of the participating countries, except for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. THE Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg do not have their own national passes, the three countries integrating a common pass called “Benelux Pass”.

night trains

Another Interrail modality is the night trains and the trips that can be made on them. The great advantage is, above all, that of being able to travel longer distances while sleeping and, thus, waking up at the desired destination. Check out all the trains operating in this mode:

  • Berlin Night Express (Sweden – Germany)
  • EN Czech Republic–Poland night train (Czech Republic – Poland)
  • EuroNight Ister (Hungary – Romania)
  • EuroNight Lisinski (Austria – Croatia – Slovenia)
  • EuroNight Kálmán Imre (Hungary – Austria – Germany – Switzerland)
  • Hellas Express (Greece – Macedonia – Serbia)
  • Intercités de Nuit (France – Luxembourg)
  • ÖBB Nightjet (Italy – Austria – Germany – Switzerland)
  • Santa Claus Express (Finland)
  • SJ (Norway – Sweden)
  • Snälltåget (Sweden)
  • Sofia–Istanbul Express (Bulgaria – Turkey)
  • Thello (Italy – France)
  • Trenhotel domestic night train (Spain)

Interrail destination suggestions to explore


View of Vilnius in Lithuania

As we have already mentioned, this year the Interrail pass covers 31 countries. One of the novelties on this list is Lithuania, which can now be visited by anyone who buys one of the packs Interrail. Through this pass, you can get to know some of the cities of this country, such as Vilnius, Klaipêda and the coastal village of Nida.

Points of interest

Vilnius: this city’s historic and old quarter offers interesting architecture and a lively nightlife, with many riverside cafes to discover. Among its important buildings is the Church of Santa Ana, whose towers mark the landscape. The crypts under the city’s cathedral are also worth a visit.

Uzupis: For art lovers, Uzupis is a republic with a unique sense of community and cooperation, and whose streets are filled with art, not to mention the various festivals and creative and artistic events taking place all the time.

Nida Dunes: For nature lovers, the dunes of Nida are part of a protected National Park, whose flora and fauna are rich and diverse. At Curonian Spit, as they are also known, frame the Curonian lagoon, protecting it from the swell of the Baltic Sea. Through the Park and Lagoon, you can observe raccoons, moose and anemones.

Tower of Gediminas: For those who want to have the best view over Vilnius, nothing like climbing to the top of the Gediminas tower, which in the past served as a defense tower. In the building itself, it is even possible to visit a museum that talks a little about the history of the Castle.

mount of crosses: The origin of this “mount of crosses” is unknown, but what is certain is that it already has more than 200,000 crosses and whoever visits it is free to leave one more. This place, which was once a fort, is currently a symbol of heritage, memory and resistance.

Trakai Castle: This castle is located on Lake Galve. It was built in the 16th century, but has been restored several times since then. It is currently open to the public and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as festivals throughout the year.

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Greek islands

Greek islands

The Interrail pass for the Greek islands includes dozens of destinations! From the paradise of Mykonos, to the beaches of Crete, not forgetting the picturesque landscapes of Santorini, the Greek islands are breathtaking and are now even more within everyone’s reach.

Prices are between €68 and €155 for 5 to 6 trips, respectively, in second class and for young people between 12 and 27 years old, inclusive.

Find out more about the conditions of this pass, on here.

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