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Truth Social arrived at the Apple App Store in February of this 2022; However, four months after its launch, it is still far from being the social network that Donald Trump imagined. One of the former president’s ideas, for example, was for the application developed by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) to become so stable and popular that it could shake technology giants like Meta and Twitter. However, the platform has had to fight against several headwinds.

The problems that Truth Social has gone through are of different types. The bugs and security breaches that allowed hackers to attack the app within hours of its release are just the result of Trump’s biggest drawback: hiring the talent needed to ensure good infrastructure.

According to a Reuters investigation, the businessman’s strategy of hiring figures who at some point became part of his reality show ‘El Aprendiz’, or of having conservative personnel who have a lot in politics and little in technology, is happening to him invoice to the platform. The mistake would be, according to the media agency, that in order to get a piece of the cake from the American “Big Tech” companies, Trump should leverage the talent with which he is rightly at odds: the one that comes from the “liberals” from Silicon Valley.

The above position is also supported by three people related to the application who spoke with Reuters, who assured that the different managers of Truth Social have tried to avoid hiring personnel from the California technological region, as well as establishing corporate partnerships with those who are perceived as with positions ideologically associated with the left.

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The above scenario, which has led to the fact that the social network that pretends to be “the uncensored Twitter of the Republicans”, is also going through legal and financial problems, making the path of taking the app to its goal of reaching the 6 million users in 2024 and 81 million in 2026.

The goal seems distant, because according to data from Sensor Tower, the app has been downloaded only 2.8 million times until June 2022.

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