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A scientist goes viral by publishing an experiment in the bathroom of his house

In the bathroom we each have our routine and our way of doing things, but there are certain procedures that for reasons of hygiene and health it’s better that we don’t.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves when we’re in the bathroom is whether or not to cover the toilet when we go to flush. well, the researcher Jose Ramos Vivas has definitively resolved this question and has given us the answer through social networks.

It is better to lower the toilet lid when flushing

This is the conclusion reached by the doctor in biological sciences Jose Ramos Vivas. His experiment consisted in placing a series of petri dishes, which are used to grow microorganisms, on the floor of his bathroom he flushed both ways.

This was the result with the lid closed.

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on the plate nothing can be seen that can alarm us with the naked eye. But what will happen with the lid up?

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As we can see, the amount of bacteria there is impressiveand as the doctor explains, it is only a small part.

the writer of Superbugs: Will we die from infections? He tells us that, although there are many bacteria, the real problem is found in places like hospitals where there are patients with diarrhea who may be infested with Clostridium difficile.

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And not only in hospitals, public places we frequent daily Like restaurants, in which hygiene in the bathrooms is not exactly the most remarkable thing, in these situations there are few things we can do except be very careful.

For example, how we show you in this article, it does not serve you alone with putting toilet paper in the toilet bowl. Be that as it may, Ramos Vivas ends his thread with the next reflection.

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And you? Did you close the toilet seat to flush? Are you going to keep doing it?

ohshare it with your friends to be careful when flushing!

Source: Twitter @joseramosvivasSource: Twitter @joseramosvivas

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