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A Russian father goes viral after catching his 17-year-old daughter with a naked boy on the sofa at home

If you’re familiar with the Reddit website, you’ll know that it’s a place where you can come across just about anything. From the most adorable images of animals, to the strangest stories you’ve ever seen.

But in the midst of all that, there are also many anecdotes from its users, and this one in particular caught our attention:

The story begins with a father of Russian origin who shared how found her 17-year-old daughter lying on the couch with a naked boy. However, his reaction will surprise you…

«One morning, I went downstairs and found the following scene: My 17-year-old daughter was lying on the sofa, with a sleeping and naked boy, after what seemed to have been a very lively night.

Silently, I prepared breakfast, went back up the stairs and told my wife, my son and my little daughter to go down quietly. When we sat down at the dining room table, which was about 20 feet from the sofa, I yelled, “Young man, breakfast is ready!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get up so fast. I said it with a tone of voice that tried to tear the soul out of him. I pulled up the chair next to me and said “Sit down!” My family was completely silent, barely blinking or moving a muscle.

It must have been the toughest 20 feet the naked guy has ever run, while trying to hide, I must admit, his rather impressive “tool.” After dressing in the clothes of him, who was by the table, he sat down.

My son, who is 1.8m tall, patted him on the back, looked him straight in the eye, and shook his head, which made him even more nervous. You could almost smell the fear on him.

I tried to dial up my Russian accentor and said:

“My friend, I’m going to ask you something, and the answer you give is going to be very important… for you…” – at this moment I could see how beads of sweat were falling down his forehead – “Do you like cats?”

However, clearly it was a trick question. While he was thinking about the answer, it could be seen that the boy was quite nice, he had not been educated, but he was not stupid.

Although there was something a little off about him. My daughter assured me that he was a very nice boy and attentive to her, she had known him for two months, and he came every day, although he never stayed overnight.

From then on, every morning he came to pick her up to take her to school on his bike and then brought her home again, always making sure she did her homework.

I took care of her when she was sick and we were at work. She invested her time and effort with the patience of an angel when she had one of her terrible tantrums.

I found my daughter boy naked on the sofa 03

She told me that she had no family, no education, and no stable job. Yet she adored him, and he her. Who was I to try to prevent him from learning from his own mistakes?

After eight months my son came to me to tell me about the boy. It turns out that he had found out that he was “homeless.” His father was an abuser, and he had committed suicide. And his mother, a crack-addicted prostitute, did the same thing three weeks later. They lived in a rented trailer (yes, inside a truck trailer).

I found my daughter boy naked on the sofa 04

He was 15 years old when all this happened, and he has managed to survive on his own for 3 years on the streets. Sleeping in parks, in hostels, with “friends”… When he met my daughter at riding lessons, he was in charge of collecting the remains and garbage from the horses. He was a very handsome boy, and well, you know… a 17-year-old girl with raging hormones…

And here I was. In front of a boy of 18 or 19 years of age, who was polite, who always had a smile on his face, and who made you smile. That he cared about others, that he helped where he could, without having to ask him. That he makes my daughter happy. A boy who never had a chance to be a boy. A boy with a manic depressive for a father, and a prostitute for a mother, and who often had to go to the neighbors to get something to eat.

And he had to admit what was already obvious. She had managed to make her place between us. Many times, when she doesn’t come home because she has some work, we miss him so much. It’s not like they’re really friends, but my son gets along with him very well. My young daughter trusts him deeply, and my wife’s maternal instincts seem to have extended to him as well. And me?…sometimes I worry about him. I want him to be happy.

I told my wife and daughter what I had found out about him. they cried. It was a hard moment when I told him. However, I was a bit disappointed with my older daughter. She did know. She should have told. She loved him madly, and yet she allowed him to go every night to… where?

The next day I entrusted him with the keys to my house. I told him that I waited at home every night. In the following weeks we fixed up the guest room and I wanted to take him with me to buy some furniture. However he rejected it. He was pretty good at building things and he wanted to earn it for himself.

That happened in the year 2000, now, 15 years later, my daughter and he, whom I now consider as another son, have a business that has done very well. They have also given us three beautiful grandchildren, two of them twins, and a little boy »

I found my daughter boy naked on the sofa 02

And that has been the beautiful story. It has not been as terrifying as you expected, TRUE? The situation would have given most parents headaches, but there is always that exception that proves the rule, where something that seems impossible turns out to be a wonderful situation.

Perhaps it is one of those examples in which we can say that both they were meant to meetand that despite all the bad that we can see at first, we should not judge people by their appearance, since as we have seen, they can hide something much more important inside.

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Fountain: reddit

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