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a relaxing destination in the heart of Galicia

Sanxenxo is one of the most popular destinations in Galicia. Therefore, if you are planning your holidays, do not miss this itinerary.

Sanxenxo It is located in the Salnés region. Located in the Rías Baixas and with a very unique microclimate, this municipality has become the tourist capital of Galicia.

It is a destination full of attractions that can be a good starting point for exploring and discovering the entire Galician coast and its most important cities, which has attracted many Portuguese.

Beaches, beautiful landscapes, water and adventure sports, gastronomy and many other attractions define Sanxenxo and make it a destination of choice for everyone who goes to Galicia.

And then, of course, it is one of the birthplaces of the fantastic gastronomy of the Rías Baixas, where fresh seafood (at very attractive prices) is always accompanied by the best tapas and one or two cañas.

Sanxenxo: what you need to know for a great stay

Sanxenxo is located in the Rías Baixas, in the Ria de Pontevedra, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and although it does not lack attractions, in the vicinity there are several places of obligatory visit.

  • Combarro (12 km / 15 minutes by car): a small village of great beauty, towards Pontevedra.
  • Grove (13 km / 15 minutes by car): known for its Seafood Festival and Isla de la Toja.
  • Cambados (18 km / 15 minutes by car): birthplace of the Albariño, it is a beautiful old town.
  • Pontevedra (20 km / 20 minutes by car).
  • Vigo (60 km / 45 minutes by car): economic capital of the province of Pontevedra.
  • Santiago de Compostela (70 km / 50 minutes by car): capital of Galicia and a destination full of cultural attractions.
  • La Coruña (140 km /90 minutes by car): a stunning city, not to be missed.


Sanxenxo’s location in the Salnes region guarantees a unique microclimate, with temperatures of 24ºC/25ºC in summer, 17ºC/18ºC in spring and autumn, and 14ºC/15ºC in winter.

For this reason, it is also a popular city as a holiday destination and short getaways.

Check the weather forecast for Sanxenxo in the next few days, here.


Located between the estuaries of Pontevedra and Arousa, the municipality of Sanxenxo has a wide range of beaches on offer.

On the one hand, there are the beaches facing the Ria de Pontevedra, which are quieter, with calm waters and protected from the north wind.

On the other hand, there are beaches facing the Atlantic, large and wide, with a slightly rougher sea and a little more windy, and here are some that you should visit:

  • Launched: the most popular;
  • Silgar: located in the center of Sanxenxo;
  • Montalvo: very quiet beach, with calm waters;
  • parrots: Beautiful, quiet and protected from the north wind;
  • areas: located at the exit from Sanxenxo to Pontevedra;
  • baltar: located in the center of Portonovo;
  • bascuas: the only nudist beach in Sanxenxo;
  • Shins: it is close to Portonovo, towards O Grove.


Galicia is known for its good cuisine, especially for its fish and seafood dishes. Therefore, get to know some restaurants in Sanxenxo that are really worth visiting.

  • hard sea: This is a less conventional proposal. Here, you choose the seafood you want, it is cooked in sea water and then you just have to take the order with you and enjoy the snack at home. Crawfish, crab, crab, shrimp and crayfish abound and, best of all, at very competitive prices.
  • sabino: Here, you can enjoy a tasting menu consisting of 3 to 4 dishes and 1 to 2 desserts. The menu is tempting and the service is of great quality and friendliness.
  • Terraza del Mar: this restaurant is located on the promenade of Sanxenxo, more precisely on the ground floor of the Hotel del Mar. The space has a terrace and the menu is short, but full of tasty snacks.
  • The Rincon of Boats: To escape the traditional and typical of the region, this is an establishment to visit, for its somewhat different, but tasty proposals.
  • Aurora House: The food is good, of high quality and the preparation is extremely careful. Favor the specialties with seasonal products for even more delicious dishes.
  • Dorsia Café: It’s not the right place to try the most regional dishes, but what is certain is that their snacks are delicious and very creative. Sandwiches, beef tail croquettes, juices and natural shakes are just some of the proposals available on the menu.
  • Carmelite House: In addition to the seafood, which could not be missing, here you can taste pizzas made in the oven, in case you don’t appreciate or are already sick of seafood.
Ruined lighthouse in Galicia

Night life

For those who like to go out at night, know that Sanxendo has a wide range of options.

In the areas of Sanxenxo and Portonovo, you can find some wine and tapas establishments with terraces that open until the early hours and where you can socialize and chat.

However, for those who prefer a more eventful program, there are also bars with drinks and lots of music, mainly in the Rías Baixas area.

What to do?

  • Fishing: Many people visit Sanxenxo for its fishing activities. In fact, its coast offers several possibilities, such as fishing for lubina, bream, bream and squid. The areas of Paxariñas, Lanzada, Cabicastro are suitable for this occupation.
  • Surf: Likewise, the more sporty and surfers don’t hesitate to go to Lanzada beach and try their luck in its sea. It is even a place with surf schools to instruct amateurs.
  • Cellars: In addition to seafood, Sanxenxo is a great place to taste wine, namely Albariño wine, which is mostly produced in this area. Therefore, there are many wine cellars that offer guided tours, tastings and wine sales, so you can find out more at Rías Baixas Wine Route.

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