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A pregnant woman goes viral when she can’t wait any longer in the delivery room for her baby to be born

This mom is becoming very popular on the Internet for very obvious reasons that you will be able to see for yourself in the following video.

In it, you can see today’s protagonist, a young girl who is in a hospital room because she has very little left to give birth.

But no matter how hard you’ve been trying, and no matter how hard you’ve pushed and pushed, this baby seems to absolutely refuse to come into this world!

And we don’t know how, because with the rhythm that the mother has, I would like to go out dancing with her!

To try to assuage the boredom and perhaps force her little baby out of her, this fun mom decided to throw an impromptu dance party to the quirky song “Baby Mama” that went viral a few years ago.

The movements left the medical staff who were in the hospital with her at that moment hallucinated, since with the size of her belly few women can move like that at that moment of pregnancy.

But she does not pass up the opportunity to have a good time. We can’t tell you more about this perfect video, and when you see this woman in action, you’ll surely end up sharing it with all your friends.

She certainly has a lot of personality, and something tells us that once the little baby finally comes out, all the doctors are going to be speechless because they’re going to see a newborn dancing for the first time in her life!

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We can also imagine that this mommy is going to be quite happy once she has her precious baby girl, and we can only hope that they will continue to dance together through the years as she gets older.

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