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A Pokemon Go to hunt cryptocurrencies? This exchange already created it • ENTER.CO

The Spanish platform, Bit2Me, which works as an exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using traditional currencies, partnered with Axie Infinity (a video game from the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis, based on the collection of NFTs), to create a game that allows its users hunt the tokens that Bit2Me created in 2021, in the best style of Pokémon Go!

To bring the experience to life, the alliance also includes OVR’s open source metaverse, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain and already has more than 600,000 users around the world. This game uses Augmented Reality technology so that its users can interact with real life spaces, but through the cell phone.

Of course, according to Hipertextual, the use of augmented reality glasses will not be necessary in the game (although for the type of experience it is advisable to use some), because to hunt the 150,000 cryptocurrencies that Bit2Me will put into circulation, it will be enough to open the camera of the cell phone, just as it happens in Pokémon Go!

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For now, the game is being tested in Europe; However, it is not ruled out that the app ends up reaching Spanish-speaking users, given that the Spanish company sees a potential market in Latin America.

Bit2Me’s association with Axie Infinity demonstrates the exchange’s interest in gamifying its proposal and including NFTs within its portfolio, since, in the case of the Vietnamese game (which in turn, has positioned itself as the most popular collection of objects, pets and land in the crypto world), the figures achieved in 2021 were close to US$3.5 billion in transactions: value that, according to NonFungible, represents two thirds of all NFT acquisitions registered in that year.

Images: Bit2Me

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