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a period of luck starts today

From June 3rd, Mercury will be in Taurus, sign known for its hedonistic side and its need for security. This astral configuration will bring luck to 3 zodiac signs that will have to be bold. They will have to listen to their intuition because there is a good chance that it will be judicious.

If the month of June reorganizes the zodiac maps in terms of luck, it is because the astral configurations will be in favor of 3 particular signs. The transit of Mars in Aries and Mercury in Taurus, which will take place on June 3, could offer unexpected opportunities for the zodiac profiles in question.

What are the 3 zodiac signs that are lucky on June 3?

If Mercury in Taurus brings the dose of pleasure and luck desired by the three zodiac profiles impacted, it will also be consolidated by the energy of Mars in Aries. And for good reason, this astral configuration brings the action and movement that these 3 zodiac signs need . A priceless opportunity to make your wishes come true.

– Lion

This sign, known for its perseverance and recklessness, will have the lion’s share from June 3rd. And for good reason, this month will be the source of important changes thanks to the energy of Mars in Aries. This will impact the professional life of the Leo who will be noticed by his hierarchy for his audacity and courage. In business, it will be time to make cutting-edge decisions and listen to your intuition. The native of this Fire sign takes pleasure in building new foundations for his future life.

This summer month can also be an opportunity to change your place of residence., to travel and seize opportunities that seem dangerous at first. Mercury in Taurus will consolidate the security of decisions made by Leo who will have luck on his side. This will manifest in unexpected income that will be the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons. The Fire sign is recommended to listen to their desires of the moment, ignoring the material aspects. The natives of this unique zodiac profile will have reason to smile, as an encounter is expected thanks to Mercury, which retrogrades in Gemini. If they are in a relationship, they will build lasting projects with their partner.

– Bull

The Zodiac Epicurean Known for His Need for Stability will be on a roll more than ever during this summer month! If Mercury is under this Earth sign, the planet Venus will bring the necessary dose of fantasy to delight everyday life. Taurus will be particularly lucky on the 7th and 23rd, when the Venus and Uranus duo will significantly increase the chances of finding a soul mate. There is a good chance that the ideal partner is in the entourage next to the Earthling who has not realized their potential.

As a couple, it will rekindle the flame of the beginnings by multiplying the walks and moments together. And love will not be alone in the game. Work life will also be in good shape and mood too. A promotion or a significant bonus can be expected from June 3rd. To take advantage of this favorable situation, Taurus is recommended to visualize whatever happens during this period. He will have to drop all limiting thoughts that could undermine his morale.

– Scorpion

This Water sign, known for its courage and perseverance , you will recover the vital impulse that characterizes you after a troubled period. For Scorpio, the couple’s life will be highlighted thanks to the Sun in Cancer, a sign known for its emotional and intuitive side. Single, the opportunities to meet the soul mate will multiply and Scorpio will have to gain self-confidence to approach the person who challenges him. As a couple, the opportunity to consolidate emotional bonds will be in order. It will take all of his willpower to find his other half after a crisis linked to harmless communication problems.

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