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A page goes viral by showing you how many people there are in the world with the same last name

If your mother was one of those who forced you to hug each and every one of your cousins ​​at family gatherings, this web portal can tell you how many people in the world share your last nameand therefore, they are potential cousins, so it’s going to terrify you.


Forebears is a web portal founded in 2012 that will let you know how many people there are in the world with your same last name.

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It shows you visually where the people who share your last name are on a world map. It not only tells you how many people but also the popularity of your last name in different countries and how many variations of it exist. Forebear It is the Wikipedia of surnames.

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You can also check the meaning of your surname, how popular it is in different countries and “incidents” that have happened to people who share your surname. In this case, we can see how in 2014, 1 in 56 Spaniards had the last name Sánchez.

Where does this portal get all that information from?

Forebear obtains all its information from genealogical records from different web portals (most of which are paid), as well as mentions in newspapers and news around the world.

This page even has a list of war documents, burial records, censuses, baptismal certificates; basically everything that can establish a family bond, but despite the enormous volume of information that he has, he doesn’t have answers for everything.

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If you also have relevant information about your last name and send it to the portal, you can win a genealogical DNA test valued at about 100 dollars (about €95).

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Will your last name be the most popular in the world, or at least in your country? Do not wait any longer and visit the page of Forebeas to find out.

share this page with everyone, they are probably relatives of yours.

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