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A Pac-Man Live Action Movie Is on the Way • ENTER.CO

A live action Pac-Man? Bandai Namco thinks it’s a good idea and has apparently given the green light to the project.

Of all the video game adaptations on the way, one of the next ones is on the list of most unexpected. Deadline reports this week that Pac-Man is getting a live-action movie.

The details of the film are quite scarce. The project appears to be a collaboration between Bandai Namco (the publisher and company that owns the rights to the gluttonous yellow ball) and Wayfarer Studios.

The study gives us some idea of ​​the scale that Namco wants to have with this project. Waifarer Studios isn’t exactly known for releasing international films, like Sony and Paramount Pictures, for example. In fact, you may never have even heard of most of them, with movies like The Moon & Back and Love You Anyway being some of their most recent releases.

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We have no idea what a live action Pac-Man movie can look like, but if we want to get an idea, the best track in Sonic. The reason is that the project came from an original idea by Chuck Williams (the producer of the first Sonic film). We do not have a release date for now, as well as other figures involved in the project.

Considering the history of these projects, it is possible that the Pac-Man Live Action will never see the light of day. It’s a lucky thing, considering that the sum of Live Action, plus a video game, plus a studio with little experience does not anticipate a film that deserves to be excited. We may be wrong (we don’t see where, but we recognize the error space).

Images: Bandai Namco

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