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a new slimmer design is coming in 2023 • ENTER.CO

Good news for Play Station lovers, the company is preparing a new version of the PS5 and according to reports, the biggest change we will see will be a removable disk drive. The information was revealed to Insider Gaming by sources familiar with the company’s plans, who prefer to remain anonymous.

As the report reveals, the arrival of the PS5 would be at the end of fiscal year 2023, that is, after September 30. Internally, the console is known as “PlayStation 5 with D chassis” but, clearly, this will not be the name in the market. The console will be known as “PlayStation 5 Slim”, referring to its now “thinner” body.

The report claims that this new version of the PS5 will completely replace the current design of the console, but that will not make it more powerful, so it cannot be treated as a Pro model. However, the biggest change expected with the new console is the new record player that will be removable. Put like that, the report argues that the record player could also start to be sold separately.

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We hope that the company does not intend to follow in the footsteps of cell phone manufacturers by selling the components of the console separately. In return, the removable player means that if the drive fails, it will no longer be necessary to completely replace the console. However, the most relevant use of said piece is the possibility that those who have PS5 Digital Edition can update their console.

Now, we need to know all the technical specifications of the console, taking into account that the company has not stated anything about it. Likewise, the prices of the new console are expected to be similar to the digital version of the console, since the new console will not have a hard drive.

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