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a new concept of real estate

You properties are getting smaller🇧🇷 In this way, the real estate project seeks to make the best possible use of the space, favoring the comfort of the residents and the feeling of spaciousness.

A house with limited space requires smart decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

The planning of house with reduced space it must make the most of the limited dimensions of the terrain and human perceptions. The structure, finishing, furniture and decoration items need to be thought out to make the residents’ day-to-day life more pleasant.

What this article covers:

Here are some tips for making the most of your small home space:

• The coating of all rooms must follow the same pattern. This strategy helps to reinforce the idea of ​​uniting spaces.

• Make the most of the house’s vertical space by installing useful niches. These compartments favor a modern aesthetic, in addition to allowing you to organize different objects.

• A home furniture with little space it must be composed of multipurpose furniture or planned cabinets.

• Built-in appliances make better use of the dimensions of the small property.

Furniture needs to be well distributed in space so as not to disturb circulation. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Furniture and appliances must be positioned side by side in a U shape. This care helps to not create barriers to people’s circulation.

• Transparent furniture, made of glass or acrylic, is welcome at House decoration🇧🇷 They are perfect for increasing the feeling of space.

• Transparent pieces, when well crafted in decoration, reduce the number of barriers to the eye.

• Light colors, especially white, add spaciousness.

• It is essential to encourage the entry of natural light in the house🇧🇷

• You furniture chosen for the small house need to be proportionate to the space. When a piece is too big, it can compromise the entire arrangement.

Light colors and transparent furniture are good bets. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The resident should avoid furniture and walls with dark colors, after all, they tend to give the feeling of closed and smaller environments.

• Integration is the new asset of architecture to build houses on small lots. With the fall of some walls, the resident can delimit the rooms with furniture or rugs.

• Because of the reflection, the well placed mirror contributes to the sense of spaciousness of rooms🇧🇷

• Sliding furniture is best suited for small areas, after all, they don’t need extra space to open and close.

• You integrated spaces they can also be cozy, just work with indirect lighting through spotlights built into the wall.

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