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A model goes viral by publishing the montage they always do with the photos

the blogger Sara Puhto she is fit, leads a healthy life and with the number of followers she has on Instagram many would think she is quite a fitness model that he spends hours training and cultivating his body, which is true, but not the whole truth.

Sara prefers to use her Instagram to show the world that no one is perfect or, by extension, that we all are. «Even fitness stars we don’t always look fit«. Sara’s account @saggtsara shares photos to demonstrate the reality that we all live.

The powerful message of fitness model Sara Puhto

There is reality and then, the photos on the networks

Sara began to create the combined images to restore sanity to the world fitness bloggingwhich centered the importance in the image more than in health.


“Instagram feeds shouldn’t get you down”

The best tricks to look perfect

Sara does not hesitate to reveal the tips to get the perfect photo and makes it very clear that to get said photo, it is not necessary to have a healthy life, hence the danger.

“With these photos I don’t want to tear down fitness models”

«I just want to support all women to feel comfortable in your body«.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life

Sara uses hashtags like #bekindtoyourself (be good to yourself) or #progressnotperfection (progress not perfection) to encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

«all bodies are different«

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Instagram Booty vs Reality Booty ?? I know butts are currently over glorified in society, but sometimes I get caught up in it when I get a bad angled photo of my butt (especially in progress photos) and feel like no matter how hard I work my butt will never look as good as all the other booties I see in social media. ? So I did a little comparison photo to prove myself wrong and thought I’d share it, because angles and posing make all the difference!! They change how you look completely! Nobody goes around walking like the photo on the left, nobody’s booty (or body for that matter) looks like how they do in photos all the time. My booty can go from looking all peachy and round to flat as a pancake in 0.5 seconds, just through angles and posing ? When I used to take booty photos for Instagram, I’d take so many from all different angles. It’s not like I walked past the mirror and was like ooh let me just snap 1 quick photo. Oh no no, I have a photoshoot for my booty? So just remember next time you feel like hating on yourself for not looking like Instagram photos, remember that that’s not reality 24/7. You do not need to look like anyone else to be considered beautiful. You are amazing in your own way and you don’t need a big booty to be beautiful!! Don’t let the pressure of society’s standards of beauty get to you! You don’t need to change anything and you are absolutely gorgeous inside and out in your own amazing way!! Don’t ever change, you’re one of a kind and the world needs your uniqueness!! I’m not hating on big butts in any way or hating on people who post booty pics, you post those pics!!! I just want to highlight that you should never compare yourself to anyone, especially photos. Instead start realizing how amazing you are and start loving yourself from all your angles ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #bootybuilder #truthbetold #bodypositive #bopowarrior #loveyourself #selfconfidence #beautystandards #bekindtoyourself #youareworthit #youareamazing #bodyimage #everyoneisbeautiful

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«No body is perfect from every angle. No body is the same from any angle. Don’t skip a meal or train too much to ‘look good on the weekend’ or ‘get picture perfect’, there will always be an angle that will not favor you and it will make you feel bad«.

«You are prettier when you enjoy life and are happy«

The message couldn’t be simpler…

«You are perfect just as you are«

Are you also looking for your best angle for the networks? Would you be able to upload two photos like the ones Sara uploads?

share it with your friends so they don’t feel bad about their bodies again!

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