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A million to take to Dibu! Aston Villa would be asking for a crazy figure for Emiliano Martínez

The services of the Dibu Martinez They already have a price and it is a crazy number. According to the Daily Mail, the goalkeeper would only leave the astonville If the club that wants it pays for it, at least $42.5 million, which for a goalie is just out of the ordinary.

In case the Chelsea, Manchester Utd or the Tottenhamwhich are clubs that are rumored to want the world champion goalkeeper, or any other, pay this figure, Dibu Martínez He would enter the podium as the third most expensive goalkeeper in history.

It is worth remembering that the goalkeeper who has sold the most expensive has been Kepa Arrizabalaga, for which Chelsea paid $85 million, followed by Alisson Beckerwhich was acquired by Arsenal in exchange for $69 million dollars, so the third place would be for the Argentine, since no one has exceeded $42.5 million dollars so far.

Dibu Martínez is in the eye of the hurricane

The funny thing is that this news comes just days after Dibu had one of his worst performances in recent times, where it was a factor for his team to conceded two goals in the 2-4 defeat against Arsenal. The first was the own goal that meant 2-3 and the second was when He went up, without permission from his DT, to the rival area to try to finish off a corner kick which ended with a drop from Arsenal and a shot into the open for the final 2-4.

this performance cost him numerous criticisms from Aston Villa fans in social networks, who even questioned his loyalty to the team, accusing him of having deliberately committed the two mistakes due to his “gunner” past.

As if that were not enough, with the 4 goals scored by Arsenal, Emiliano Martínez added 11 goals received in his last 3 gamess, for which many consider it to be overvalued.

As an example of this, we can mention that the price given by the specialized Transfermarkt site is only $28.9 million dollars.

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