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a Mercado Pago hit?

Those who work in sales know that the ideal is always to look for a machine that serves their needs and today we are here to talk about the new point mini chip, the paid market machine that does not need a cell phone!

When it comes to sales, who has never experienced stress with the card machine? Difficulty when paying, extra fees and connection problems with other applications are common issues for those who own a machine. So, today we’re here to talk about this new paid market initiative by creating a little machine that already has its own chip.

If you work with sales, you are a merchant and you are evaluating the possibilities of buying a vending machine for your business, follow our text below talking a little about this new Mercado Pago vending machine!

What this article covers:

What is the Point Mini Chip?

The point mini chip is a small paid market card machine, fits in your pocket and has a very affordable value taking into account other machines, but its main advantage is that it has its own chip and therefore does not need the cell phone to make payments. It has a good Wi-Fi connection, physical buttons and its chip is GPRS??

How does the Point Mini Chip work?

The point mini chip works like any other type of vending machine, and your transactions are carried out immediately without the need to use an application on your cell phone to make the sale. The sale is made directly on the device, which also accepts approximation payments, however, this type of machine only sends the receipt via SMS.

What are the Point Mini Chip fees

Point mini chip fees are low compared to other machines and its great advantage is that you do not need a cell phone to carry out operations, making payments easier and faster. The value of the fees is 1.99% for direct debit payments. For other types of payments, Mercado Pago offers other rates for cash credit and credit in installments, these being 4.74% for immediate balance, 3.79% for balance within 14 days and 3.03% for balance within 30 days.

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The options for credit in installments are 5.31% for the immediate balance, 4.36% for the balance in 14 days and 3.60% for the balance in 30 days, in addition to the fixed rate of 1.99%.

Is it worth having the Point Mini Chip?

Before reaching a certain conclusion of whether or not to acquire a machine, we have to analyze its positive and negative points. To that end, we’ve listed the Point Mini Chip pros and cons below to help with your decision! Every study is welcome when it comes to our trade.


This type of machine is an innovation and has some advantages such as, for example, the fact that it does not require a bank account to perform the procedure and it also already has a prepaid card with very low fees.


One of its disadvantages is that it does not have 24/7 support and your balance only falls on digital accounts. Another point is that it does not accept striped cards.

How to get a Point Mini Chip?

To get a point mini chip is very easy! Just access the website, put your address and check the payment methods. The deadline is up to 6 business days and shipping costs depend on the location.

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