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A man goes viral by taking a radical turn for not drinking for 600 days

This man is a recovering alcoholic. When he gave up his drinking, he too decided to photographically document how it would affect his body throughout the process.

Finally, he published the results of his experiment on the Internet platform “Imgur” (a famous website where everyone can upload all kinds of images). And the photos speak for themselves:

Don’t miss the process and its amazing transformation after being 600 days without drinking alcohol:

After 300 days without alcohol:


After 1 year without alcohol:


After 600 alcohol-free days:


I really hope this can help anyone who wants to stop drinking. I wish it could inspire me to start quitting,” writes the man in his post, who goes by the username MEATTEO.

“I promise you will not regret. Just remember, one day at a time.” After years of daily drinking, you can clearly see all the changes regarding the detox. A most admirable achievement!

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