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a magical trip not to be missed

Poços Verdes do Sabroso or 7 lakes in Gerês, it doesn’t matter what they are called. One thing is for sure: you shouldn’t miss this fantastic trip.

Gerês never ceases to fascinate us. There is always a corner, a landscape, a vestige of times gone by. And there is always a reason to return. The 7 Gerês lagoons, thus known, although not quite the official name, are one of these cases. It’s a must-do trip and one you won’t regret.

As usual, Gerês, at least on the Portuguese sideis an explosion of green, of fountains and running waters everywhere, even without seeing where they come from.

The mountain trail that takes us to the 7 lakes of Gerês is also an opportunity to delve into the surrounding mountains and get to know in depth the only natural park in the country.

7 lakes in Gerês: a secret in the mountains

The 7 lakes of Gerês, also known as Poços Verdes do Sabroso, are relatively close to the village of Xertelo, the highest place in the Cabril region, in the municipality of Montalegre??

It is an extraordinary vestige of the old community villages that swarmed all over Gerês and which, meanwhile, have been disappearing.

Located at 700 meters of altitude, the village of Xertelo has very few inhabitants and already quite elderly. However, the number of people passing by on their way to the lakes always brings some excitement to the place.

The traditional granite houses, the obligatory chapel, the cross, the Fojo do Lobo or the beautiful mill, are some of the attractions that you should see before setting foot on the mountain road that will take you to our destination.

Count on a good 45 minutes on the way to reach the 7 lakes of Gerês. However, don’t think it will be wasted time. The path is absolutely splendid, side by side with the valley that narrows towards the river Cabril.

Along the journey you will certainly observe things that you don’t see every day. We are talking about birds of prey soaring in the skies or garrons (the famous wild horses) grazing among domestic livestock.

crystalline waters

Afterwards, you will reach the fantastic 7 lakes of Gerês, originating from a prey that. releasing the water in gentle waterfalls, along the way it fills several wells, ideal for a dip or to cool off after a walk that is not at all simple.

The crystalline waters, although a little cold, are truly invigorating and even the names given to them reflect a complete journey of well-being. Thus, according to the slope, the ponds are called, successively, Swimming, Relaxing, Meditating, Enjoying, Enjoying, Caring and Invigorating. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Now some advice. When making this visit in the summer, don’t forget to take something similar to an umbrella (there are few shades), it is mandatory sunscreen (the sun when it rises in Gerês can be very strong), take plenty of water and comfortable shoes. If you go in winter, dress warmly, as the cold can also squeeze, and well, in those areas.

Don’t forget to bring all the rubbish you make with you. The natural park thanks you.

Cascada do Arado nearby

plow waterfall

If you already know the 7 lakes of Gerês, or have time to spare, another visit that you shouldn’t miss is Cascata do Arado. It is a few kilometers from village of Fafiãowhich in turn is close to the village of Xertelo that we already mentioned.

It is a waterfall with more than 40 meters, in a river that is very frequented by lovers of more extreme water sports.

Despite reaching its peak between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, Cascata do Arado can be admired from a high viewpoint. Or you can access the waterfall itself, crossing the old bridge towards the water wells for a beautiful dip.

However, one last note must be made here: there are more waterfalls in the immediate vicinity, but you should always be very careful in the area and not venture beyond what is advisable. There are records of several accidents, some of them with regrettable outcomes. So never make it easy.

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