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a magical stay in the heart of the smokehouse capital

Vinhais is synonymous with the Capital of Fumeiro, but there are many other reasons to visit and get to know this municipality of Bragança.

We could talk about sausages. Or magnificent wines. But let’s start with one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region. The Vinhais Biological Park (PBV) is a public facility, included in the Serra da Coroa Forest perimeter.

It is a stone’s throw from the center of Vinhais (nearly three kilometers) and is located in the heart of the Montesinho Natural Park. More transmontano was difficult.

For this reason, there is nothing like a walk, or a short break, to Trás-os-Montes to get to know the region up close and experience the original accommodation proposals that the park offers.

Vineyards: Bungalows, Pods and Glamping

Ecotourism is one of the strengths of this Vinhais Biological Park, an area where the surrounding vegetation is dominated by oak forests, present in much of the territory.

In this way, it is the ideal place for a correct interpretation of the landscape of the region, book an overnight stay in one of the different accommodation proposals available.

There are bungalows for 4, 6 or 8 people, there is a glamping tent for 2 people, there is an inn (in an old 18th century manor house) with spaces that can take between 8 and 14 people.

And there are the now famous Pods. With the names Toca do Coelho, Toca do Esquilo, Toca do Ouriço and Toca da Raposa, they are ideal for two people and promise a unique experience, with all the comfort.

If you choose warmer times to visit Vinhais and its park, know that you can also enjoy a biological outdoor pool.

The Pods are a unique experience in the Vinhais Biological Park

Vinhais: the true smokehouse

vineyards is located in the district of Bragança and the Fumeiro Fair is one of the main events in the region, which proudly calls itself “Capital do Fumeiro”.

This is an event that takes place annually, in February, which captures the curiosity of many people and which has made Vinhais famous, and profitable, on the national and international scene.

If you’re in the area at this time, be sure to stop by the fair. The only guarantee we leave you is that you will try the best sausages you have ever tasted and even some that you were completely unaware of.

What to see in the region

O Pillory of Vinhais it was built in the Manueline period and is present in the walled enclosure of the Vinhais Castle. It is bordered by houses of one or two floors and is a point of attraction that generates great interest.

O Solar da Corujeira it is a baroque building and the Solar de Vilar de Ossos it’s the Manor of Estevão de Mariz are other examples of architecture that capture the attentive eyes of the curious who visit this region, as well as the Arranca bridgewhich is probably medieval.

The latter consists of five distinct arches, being present on the road that connects Vinhais to Nunes, crossing the Tuela river.

The Castle of Vinhais and its medieval wall give the town a very particular charm. Fonte do Cano is also worth a visit because, in addition to the coat of arms that has enormous artistic value, it has two panels of national tile on the sides.

What to do

One of the points that generates interest in this municipality is handicrafts. There is work in wood (masks, spindles, distaffs, spinning tops), but also wicker baskets and worst (broom) and also the typical bedspreads, lace and woolen socks.

Culture lovers can always pay a visit to a building dating from the 18th century, the Solar Cultural Center of the Counts of Vinhais. There, you can see a series of works by António Palolo (permanent collection), several temporary exhibitions and benefit from an interesting cultural program. It is a space with internet, library, theater and cafeteria.

Where to eat

There are several restaurants in Vinhais that can demonstrate the quality of the local cuisine.

The fantastic smokehouses, top quality meats and unparalleled Trás-os-Montes pastries are the recipe for doom in any of the many restaurants in Vinhais.

Where sleep

In addition to the aforementioned Biological Park, there are some options for resting, namely some local accommodation spaces that will be the most suitable for spending your nights in Vinhais.

The Madre de Cima Local Accommodation, the Casa de Brito agrotourism, the Casa de Santiago, the Casa do Regadio, the Hospedaria do Parque Biológico de Vinhais, Quinta da Barca or Quinta dos Castanheiros, are some of the places that will certainly provide an unforgettable stay.

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