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A girl takes revenge after her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman during her pregnancy

Not all abuse suffered by women is physical; on many occasions, psychological abuse can have worse consequences. You have to be brave and stand up to it before it’s too late. This was the case for Lisseth, a tireless fighter.

The day Lisseth married Jose was the best day of her life. But a few years later her marriage turned into her worst nightmare.


Lisseth’s husband, Jose, became very heavy after she gained weight during her pregnancy. He even called his wife and mother of his son”fat woman» because I was size 56.


During and after the pregnancy, the couple consumed unhealthy food, including processed foods, McDonalds and candy. Jose was lucky not to gain weight, but Lisseth continued to gain weight.


«I caught Jose looking at me with disgust. As I ate dinner on the sofa, I heard him mutter ‘fat’,” Lisseth says. “It started with little hints, but it quickly turned into teasing. I was desperate to go back to being the curvy girl I’d always been, but I didn’t have the willpower or self-esteem to go on a diet.”

One day she heard him call her “elephant.”

“Jose did not show me any kind of affection and food became more and more a refuge for me,” he says. «Food was the only thing that made me feel happy.. I ate about 4,000 calories a day.”

Soon after, she discovered that her husband was cheating on her.

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“I picked up his phone and found hundreds of incriminating messages in his inbox. I was outraged, but something changed in my. When she arrived that afternoon, I immediately told her what she had found,” she said.

“She didn’t deny it and told me it was my fault for being fat. She told me that she was always ugly. She was devastated, but determined. This man would never hurt me again.

It was then that Lisseth filed for divorce and decided to change completely.


A doctor told her that her only option was gastric balloon surgery, but she ignored him. Instead she completely changed your lifestyle and eating habits.

“I started to lose weight. I felt great, my clothes started to fit too big and I had to buy smaller sizes,” she said.

When Jose came to pick up his daughter, he was surprised.

«Every weekend Jose would come to pick up Lissmar and he would stare at me. One Friday he told me that she was very sexy, “he says. “I closed the door on him. He would never let him into my life again. I am a role model for my daughter and I have shown her that she was wrong. »


Now Jose admits that he screwed up and was very cruel to his ex-wife.

“One of the reasons we broke up was because she was fat, that’s what made me go with someone else,” Jose said. “Now I regret what I did.”

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