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A Game of Thrones series dedicated to Jon Snow is in development • ENTER.CO

This year we will get our first look at one of the Game of Thrones spinoffs, House of the Dragon. But this is not the only project that HBO is working on in the franchise. There are at least four spinoffs in development… now five, as an article by The Hollywood Reporter claims that a series is currently in development that will focus on John Snow.

For now the details are the project are scarce and HBO Max or George RR Martin has not confirmed its existence. However, THR assures that Kit Harrington is involved and that he would return to play the role, should the project go ahead. This is one of the parts that generates the most doubts about the report because the actor has been quite vocal about the impact of playing the character for almost a decade, to the point of ensuring that he would not play John Snow again.

Another interesting point of the rumor is that, until now, most of the spinoffs that HBO Max was working on are far from the continuity of the main series and do not have the participation of characters that we already know. The choice to return to the Game of Thrones universe, especially with a character like John Snow as the focus, is… a particular choice.

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If we can listen to the rumours, the story also seems to take place after the events of the show. Harrington’s choice seems to be the best indicator (unless he’s just coming back for a Young Sheldon-esque voiceover). The series finale featured the last of the exiled Stark/Targaryens, going with the surviving wildlings beyond the wall. It’s hard to know what else his story has to tell, but we trust (pray?) That the choice of HBO Max has a good idea associated with it.

In any case, speculating a lot does not make sense. HBO Max has also shown that he does not shake his pulse at the time of canceling a Game of Thrones project. The producer stopped the series ‘The Long Night’ that was going to tell the events of the first war between the Army of the Night King and the first humans. So it’s possible (indeed, very likely) that the Jon Snow series will never get beyond ‘in development’ status.

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