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A folding iPhone? Not in the near future

Is it possible that in the near future we will see a folding iPhone? Experts in this field are clear in stating that, for now, it is not possible. Here the reasons.

Last week the fourth generation of Samsung foldable smartphones was unveiled. With this, it would be possible to think that iPhone could be the next to unveil a folding phone, but it is not. Some reports indicate that Apple is preparing or thinking of an iPhone with these features. But it would be for a later launch, like in 2024, however, secrecy still reigns.

The main reason why Apple does not bet on foldables is due to neither more nor less than the poor profit margins due to the quality of the components that this type of smartphone requires. To get an idea we must understand that folding panels are, of course, more expensive than conventional OLED screens. Apple prefers to maintain its profit margins that it launches with each new generation of phones.

Additionally, the folding screen market is not yet consolidated. Investing in foldable screens would cost Apple a drop in the profit margin it currently makes on each phone made, which is around 50% per device. Ross Young, co-founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, says Apple isn’t betting on foldable screens yet because it takes a mature supply chain. At present there are not many manufacturers of such displays that can be provided on a large scale. Only Samsung Display is the only one that could offer significant volume to meet Apple’s demands.

As this supply chain consolidates, Apple waits for more suppliers to choose from. The objective is to be able to benefit from a price reduction of this type of folding panels due to the great competition. The company with the bitten apple has no problem waiting. On many occasions, Apple has shown that it is not interested in being the first, but rather the best in its segment.

Image: Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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